Pamela Smith plans on refiling paternity suit against Michael Jordan


When Pamela Smith dropped her paternity suit against Michael Jordan, many assumed it was because she was paid off or simply lying. The case was dismissed with the option for her to refile at a later date. Well, Ms. Smith does plan on refiling but first she has to change a bit of legal housekeeping first. Pamela Smith was in a relationship with he now ex-husband, whose name was on “Taj’s” the birth certificate and named in the divorce proceedings and the boy’s father. Per TMZ, Pamela is making changes to that document in order to refile against Jordan. Again, standing by her claim that MJ is his biological father.

Jordan had threatened to file suit against Pamela for false claims and legal fees. Yikes, this is getting ugly. Again, I can’t imagine a woman putting her child through this unless she’s certain that Jordan is the father. And again, a DNA test will answer all questions. Something tells me this one won’t be slipping into darkness anytime soon.

So who do you believe? Michael Jordan or Pamela Smith?