Pamela Smith is suing Michael Jordan for child support of her 16-year old son Taj [photos]


A woman in Fulton County, GA has filed a paternity suit against Michael Jordan for her 16 year old son Taj. Pamela Smith is claiming that in 1995 she and MJ had sex and in June of 1996 she gave birth to their son. She’s suing for full custody, child support, medical benefits and, she wants Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds AKA Taj’s last name legally changed to Jordan.


Jordan was still married at the time of the alleged affair. He and Juanita share three children, Jeffery, Marcus and the youngest is Jasmine whose 20.


Taj posted a Youtube video back in December announcing to the world that his dad was Michael Jordan. He also said that he and Jordan had the “Yeah-I’m-your-dad” talk and at the time he said he just wanted him to be more present in his life.



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