Pamela Smith drops paternity suit against Michael Jordan but can refile again


Pamela Smith claimed she wanted her 16-year-old-son Taj to be acknowledged by his alleged famous father, Michael Jordan. She filed suit and requested Jordan be ordered to take a DNA test. Today Pamela has asked a Georgia court to drop the suit. Her request was granted AND without predejudice. What does that mean? She can refile. So what would make a woman that was previously so adamant about her son being acknowledged drop the suit out of the blue?

My thinking, perhaps she and Jordan will now deal with the issue in private and work things out that way. But if MJ doesn’t stick to the script, she’ll head back to court? Seems plausible to me. Especially when you consider that just last week she requested the court to order MJ to take the paternity test.

For now, we have no idea what really went down. But I’m sure Mike’s just happy not to be making news about a mystery kid.