Pam Oliver Replaced By Erin Andrews For FoxSports NFL broadcasts


Changes are taking place over at FoxSports. Veteran NFL sideline reporter, Pam Oliver is out as sideline reporter and Erin Andrews is in. Oliver will still continue with the network where’s she’s been a mainstay for the last 19 years, but in a different role.

Change happens but of course there is speculation as to the reasons behind the change. Oliver has been experiencing a great deal of backlash on social media these last few seasons regarding her appearance. Andrews is 36, while Oliver is  53.

A veteran NFL reporter -– who has worked in television and asked for anonymity -– offered another reason. “She’s not blonde, nor is she in the demographic,” said the reporter. “I’m not naïve and I understand it’s a business, but I think that Fox did not treat her as befits a woman who has been the female face of their sports operation for the past 19 years.”

Oliver recently signed a new contract with the sports network. In her new role, she’ll be involved with specials and major interviews, her involvement with Showtime’s “60 Minutes Sports” will continue, plus produce some pieces too.

Sounds good, but we will miss Pam on the sidelines.