Pacman Jones Escorted Out of Casino


Trouble seems to follow Pacman Jones everywhere he goes.

Reportedly on Wednesday morning, the Cincinnati Bengals cornerback was kicked out of a Hollywood Casino in Indiana for disorderly conduct. While the casino wouldn’t comment on the situation, reports show the police were called to respond to a person causing a disturbance at the chip cage.

The incident appears to have triggered by the miscounting of chips. On the videotape, Pacman was heard saying, “Y’all trippin’ over a couple thousand dollars?”

While Pacman is no stranger to being on the wrong side of the law, to be clear in this instance, he was not arrested and didn’t break any laws. He was just kicked out of the casino for his disorderly behavior.

Pacman was famously connected to a shooting in a Las Vegas strip club, where he was later suspended by the NFL for one year for violating the player conduct policy.

Oh Pacman…