Pacers Paul George Hit With Paternity Suit


Paul George was a beast in Wednesday night’s elimination game of the Eastern Conference Finals. George scored 37 points, including 21 in the fourth quarter. Maybe George had a bit of added motivation. Page Six is reporting that 24-year-old Daniela Rajic – that’s the dancer from Miami that George hooked up with last summer and who he allegedly offered $1 million to terminate her pregnancy– has filed a paternity suit against George in Manhattan Family Court on Wednesday. Baby Olivia was born May 1 and Daniela claims George already has confirmation that he’s the father.

The source said, “Paul and Daniela saw each other a number of times over the course of a few months in Miami last summer., and their daughter was born on May 1. She has already undertaken a paternity test, and there’s no question he is the father. The court is still expected to order an official DNA test.”

George has previously said if the baby was proven to be his child, he’d be an active dad.

Crazy season for George; pregnant strippers, catfishing, home robberies. But he came up big on a night when the Pacers offense wasn’t there. Heat up 3-2 as the series shifts back to Miami.


photos via Instagram