Pacers Lance Stephenson hit up “King of Diamonds” following game 7 loss to Heat [photos]


Pacers Lance Stephenson had a breakout series against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. Following the game 7 loss on Monday, Stephenson did what many visitors with extra coins do in Miami, hit up “King of Diamonds.” But Stephenson, who was a second round draft pick by the Pacers in 2010, earns about $800K a season so he’s doing the smart thing and being a tad conservative with his funds. Instead of making it tsunami like Floyd Mayweather jr did last week or Brandon Jennings a few months ago, Stephenson made it mist with two lap dances totaling $1100 and a few memories of Monday night “Fight Night.”



I’m not mad at you Lance. Way to conserve the coins!


Curtsy to TMZ