OTM: A Company To Keep Athletes Faithful

While checking out our friends over at BSO I came across an article about a business venture started by 3 NFL wives named Off The Market.  The goal of the company is to keep athletes and their significant others faithful.  Launched in 2009, the company will be hosting it’s 2nd event, which is for couples ONLY, on Halloween in St Louis.

Obviously athletes’ indiscretions have been some of the top news stories over the past year. It’s not a secret that the lifestyle lends itself to infidelity. So I can completely understand the motivation behind Tia Robbins (wife of Rams DT Fred Robbins), Dr. Jerika Robinson Johnstone (wife of retired NFL player Lance Johnstone) and Jasmine Silva (girlfriend of Rams SS James Butler) to develop this company. The 1st question that comes to mind is HOW does the company accomplish its goal? Let’s start with the Mission statement.

“Off the Market” seeks to enrich the lives of couples by offering a unique environment, exclusive services, and access to valuable resources for the ultimate benefit and honoring of the relationship between woman and man.

I understand that the company is in its infancy and the bigger picture is probably developing behind the scenes but, after reviewing the site, I still have no idea how OTM ensures or encourages fidelity in professional athletes’ relationships. Is it by having events like the launch in NYC or the upcoming one in St Louis where only couples are allowed to attend? Is the goal to provide a sterile environment free from all those evil single women looking to prey on poor defenseless athletes? Perhaps its in the Facebook updates that encourage women to initiate sex with their partner or laugh at a past argument together much like the articles in Cosmo magazine.

I’d like to believe that any program designed to keep the sanctity of marriage in tact would involve some sort of counselor and perhaps be geared more towards workshops than outings and events or “how to keep your man happy” quotes that you can get from anywhere. I’d also like to think that it would involve the league that employs these men or at the very least support from the teams.

Granted, I’m not married so maybe I can’t fully grasp the concept but shouldn’t any program whose purpose is to enrich lives, give you some indication of what those services and resources might be and how your relationship will benefit by being apart of it?  I’m not knocking the ladies goals, just their execution. From the outside looking in, this just seems like a warning shot fired at “groupies” which in some cases can turn into a welcome mat.

Maybe they should have Jackie Christie lead a seminar, her methods seem to work for she & Doug.

But what do I know, I’m single.