Oscar De La Hoya Admits Cross-Dressing Photos Were Real

Oscar De La Hoya has finally admitted what most knew about those infamous pictures of him dressed in drag-in a fishnet catsuit with black high heels and a wig- back in 2007. That the photos weren’t an elaborate photo shop but actually him during what was probably one of the lowest points of his life.

De La Hoya recently gave an interview to Univision, where he not only discussed the photos. He spoke about his problems with cocaine and alcohol (he spent the last three months in therapy,) extramarital affairs and his thoughts of suicide.

“One of these nights when I was drunk and alone again, I asked myself, ‘Is it worth it to be alive?’ I was already feeling like I had nothing,” he revealed. “And what is going through your mind are your children, your wife, the people who love you.”