Orlando Scandrick Throws Out All Draya’s Stuff


Dramatic, over-the-top, crazy love may seem exciting at first, but it can definitely lead to some dark places. Hopefully that won’t be the case with Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick and his girlfriend, “Basketball Wives LA” star Draya Michele.

This summer has been up and down for the two. There was a proposal, another break up, and yet another reconciliation. On Monday, Draya posted a photo to her Instagtam account of a mess she blamed on Orlando’s temper.


The cornball of the year award goes to the man who went so far out of his way to make me look crazy, but is actually a little off himself. ???????????????? that’s why I stayed silent. The truth was gonna reveal itself. #LastNight #ThenHePickedAllMyStuffBackUp


Then she talked about how sexy he looked picking her belongings up off the floor.


So Sexy when you’re mad ???????????????? #MCE … ????????????????

Listen, I like a little passion too. But between restraining orders, and Draya’s threats to cause a crime scene if Orlando doesn’t make it down the aisle – she was interviewed on LA’s Real 92 last week in Big Boy’s neighborhood and said this about her relationship with Orlando.

On the restraining order:

I never got a restraining order. I never got served a restraining order. I know something was filed but in order for it to be official you have to hold on to it, you have to show up in court, you have to serve it legally and I never got served. So I don’t know what that was about. Seems like mixed emotions.

Whether this was her first restraining order:

I have a file.

If the wedding is coming soon:

Yeah to be honest, if there’s not a wedding, there could possibly be a funeral.

Publicizing their issues:

This time around, I took a different approach, and I didn’t really say anything, I didn’t shade anyone. I didn’t hint about anything. I was kind of embarrassed and appalled my private life was out there and I didn’t put it out there. I didn’t necessarily want that to be out.

On her threatening to put bleach in his eyes:

I didn’t want to put bleach in his eyes. It was in my house. It’s okay to lock the doors, put the blinds down, and tear it up, in my opinion. We don’t have domestic violence, I’m a little destructive sometimes during an argument. Not to him. I put the shoes in the pool. I put the yeezy’s in the pool. I’m a little crazy, in an argument it’s fair game. I’m going to talk about your momma, I’m going to throw your sneakers in the pool.

I hope they consider keeping that “crazy” a little more in-house. Or go get some therapy.