Openly gay former NFL player Wade Davis says there are semi-open gay NFL & NBA players currently playing


It’s only a matter of time before an athlete in one of the three major leagues admits to being gay. There are Gay mayors, team execs, news anchors, congressmen etc. you have to believe that there’s a point coming in the near future where someone opens up about it.

In a recent interview, openly gay former NFL baller Wade Davis has a conversation about the fact that there are semi open athletes in both the NFL and NBA.

T: Is there a professional athlete fraternity or an NFL fraternity?

W: Both. There’s one that exists in the NFL and there’s one for sports. It’s not talked about, it just is what it is. Because we’ve all gone through the same thing so there’s a protection that exists if you’ve gone through what it takes to make it at that level.

T: So the guys in the NFL who are gay have protection?

W: Yes. Openly gay is a bit strong cuz when we think of openly gay we think of walking down the street with your boyfriend but there are players who know that this player may have a boyfriend or may not date women and that’s just it. It’s not talked about. He’s there to do a job, I’m here to do a job, it’s not talked about, he’s my brother, he doesn’t treat me any different than anyone else does.

T: Can you give an approximate number of how many gay men there are in the NFL?

W: I only know of three.

T: You know of three guys in the NFL?

W: Not only in the NFL. There’s some in the NFL and some in the NBA.

T: Known names?

W: I wouldn’t say they’re known names but one’s a starter.


Basically it sounds as if players ultimately respect each others’ right to privacy and live as they see fit. Unless it’s somehow impacting the team, it really doesn’t matter. I’ve probably heard more stories of women breaking up teams, causing beef and locker room issues than a gay teammate.

There are some, like Angels Tori Hunter who feel it would divide a locker room and cause problems due to his Christian beliefs. While I can certainly understand and respect that, I wonder if he takes an equally hard stance on his teammates who commit adultery. Another area of sin discussed in the Bible but is entrenched in the world of pro sports.

Just think about this. One of those “professional friends” in the entourage just might be the athlete’s lover.

To check out more of Wade Davis’ thoughts on homosexuality in professional sports, check this interview from June of last year.