One On One Interview With Lingerie Football League’s Tanyka Renee

Whether playing full-tackle football for the Lingerie Football League’s (LFL) Philadelphia Passion on MTV2, or posing in Playboy, fashion model and holistic health pro Tanyka Renee is in control both on and off the field.

An Ayuverdic Practitioner and Certified Holistic Nutritional Counselor, Tanyka’s dedication to health and fitness along with her enthusiasm for the game of football is what many men dream of… that is, if you like a smart, athletic, intelligent, sexy, naturally curvy woman who happens to know a lot about sports. From talking about her choice for MVP, Mark Sanchez, to the violent streak she exhibits while playing football in her lingerie,’s Tam-Star had a chance to sit down and learn more about Ms. Tanyka Renee’s insatiable attitude towards living life to the fullest.

Tam-Star: I’m sure everybody is asking you about Playboy. Can you tell us a little bit about what made you decide to do Playboy?

Tanyka: I always wanted to do Playboy; it is the number one men’s magazine. So when the league and Playboy got together and decided to do a spread, of course, I jumped on it. They chose one girl from each team and I was lucky enough to be chosen from the Philadelphia team.

Tam-Star: Now that you have done Playboy and you’re a member of the Lingerie Football League, how do you think guys react to the combination?

Tanyka: They usually don’t take the football seriously, especially if you’re a guy and you have never seen the game, they’re going to think oh, these girls are in Playboy, they’re not really playing football. They’re a bunch of models running around trying not to break nails. We’re going in, we’re hitting hard; we’re trying to kill each other. We suffer the same injuries of the NFL.

Tam-Star: So how did you become interested in the Lingerie Football League (LFL)?

Tanyka: I’ve always been competitive. I played sports in high school and college. A friend of mine who played out in Miami told me about it and I had to find out how I could be a part of it. I started playing on the New York team as a corner back. And yeah, it was just something I had to do.

Tam-Star: Going back to the NFL for a minute — speaking of New York — who is your MVP Mark Sanchez or Tom Brady?

Tanyka: Mark Sanchez.

Tam-Star: And why? Most girls think he’s hot, but why would you choose Mark as opposed to Tom?

Tanyka: You know what, to me, I feel as though Tom Brady is great, he’s a great quarterback. But I still like Mark Sanchez, he has a little more character, meaning he still has room to grow. He’s made a lot of mistakes, but he’s still growing. And that’s what I like. I always root for the underdog. And I’d love to see Mark Sanchez five years from now, you know, how he’s out there playing. I think he’ll do great.

“The NFL and NBA’s groupies have nothing on our groupies… matter of fact there are lots of NBA and NFL players wwho are our groupies…” – Tanyka Renee, BlackMen Magazine

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