One On One: Interview With Basketball Wives Star Royce Reed

Basketball Wives star Royce Reed has a lot on her plate these days. I recently had the chance to catch up with her to discuss all the projects she’s working on, Author,Actress and App developer:

Jill: What made you decide to write a novel as opposed to the Tell-all which has become so popular

Royce: I started this when I was still apart of the Miami Heat dance squad. It’s Inspired by things I saw while in college. It’s a series it will follow the girls through school and eventually into their post college lives.

Jill: where can we find it?

Royce: You can go to my site, it’s self published, and will also be available on

Read the synopsis of the book:

College Girls is a raw deep-seated account of four women living their lives on a University campus. Raquel is naive and sheltered and thinks she’s got it all figured out until her world is turned upside down. Latoya, who, is conceited and jealous-a treacherous combination, lets her envy get the best of her. These Freshman are far from friends. Kyra embarks on a life changing journey and is forced to acknowledge a part of her self that can may be the beginning of her end. Mykema, an upperclassman, beauty and brains, she’s chasing her dream, until her relationship threatens to shatter everything she’s been working towards.

With Raquel’s soul stirring moments, Latoya’s larcenous way, Mykema’s life changing events, and Kyra’s questionable sexuality these women will have you laughing, mouth-dropping and crying all within a matter of page turns. College Girls crosses all boundaries and with its organic & easy reading, will have you feeling as if you know them personally & quickly choosing favorites.

Jill: what other things are in the works for you?

Royce: Developing a fitness dance instruction video, My dance company, Fantashique, an upcoming 14 city tour for a stage play called Cheaters (Royce was a theatre education major)   and I’m working on an iPhone App for my fans.

Jill: You’re a mom, with your schedule how do you manage it all?

Royce: I have help, my parents, family and friends all help me to balance. My son is my first priority, I couldn’t do this without their input.

Jill: What can your fans look forward to with the new app?

Royce: Basically it’s a way to stay connected with what I’m doing and special photos just for them. Lots of things that they’ve requested from me.

Be sure to check out Royce in all those places as well as season 3 of Basketball Wives which started back filming this week in Miami (minus Evelyn)