Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte snags E! reality show & clothing line


Olympic Gold medalist Ryan Lochte is filling up his athlete celebrity kit. A “celebrity kit”  gauges your success factor and MUST contain a few key components, most notably a reality show and clothing line. Lochte has just announced he has a six-spisode E! reality show on the way entitled, “What would Ryan Lochte do?” The show will follow Lochte as he trains for the 2016 Olympic games, puts together his fashion line- more deets on that below, hangs out with friends and family plus looks for love. That last part should be particularly amusing considering Lochte’s mom’s comments last summer about him being a one-night-stand type of guy due to time constraints.

As for the line, you can look forward to shoes and “glitzy accessories” headed your way from the swimmer. No, I’m not certain either what exactly falls under that category.