Olivia Munn says no sex for boyfriend Packers QB Aaron Rodgers on game day [video]

Actress Olivia Munn is the girlfriend of GreenBay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. The two have been dating since May, and on a recent appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Munn if she and Aaron had sex on game day.

“Do you have sex on game days?” asked Cohen.

“Well, I will say that all the good luck charms are on the field and in the stands, so it has nothing to do with me. And, uh, no we don’t,” said Munn. “Not on game day. There’s not a rule, but it just doesn’t happen because there’s other things to focus on.”

“If he plays well, do you have sex after the game?” asked Cohen.

“Depends on how late the game is,” said Munn. “…It just doesn’t happen usually because there’s a lot to do. But usually yes. I try to have sex as much as I can.”

Another guest on the show then asked if they had sex the night before, Munn’s answer was that there was no rule that they couldn’t but he’s usually busy.

NFL players stay in hotels the night before their games, home or away… I guess that’s the busy she’s referring too.


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