OJ Mayo accused of not paying $19K Private Jet bill

When you’re a professional athlete, flying is probably stressful. Many are too big for the seats – even in first class sometimes – who wants to be bothered with lines, baggage check in fees, etc. I guess it’s much more practical for some to fly private. That had to be the thought process of Milwaukee Bucks guard O.J. Mayo.


Mayo apparently used private as his preferred method of travel. Maybe he didn’t realize just how expensive the “PJ” life actually is. Per TMZ Sports, Mayo is being sued for $19k because a charter airline company claims he didn’t pay for their services, and was using “illegal narcotics” during the flight.

According to a lawsuit filed today by Quantum Jets … Mayo booked a flight from Houston to L.A. on July 16th, but couldn’t pay for the entire flight. The airline agreed he could give them a down payment, and pay the rest the next day.

But Quantum claims he never coughed up the dough. Further, they say he used illegal narcotics during the flight. The suit doesn’t specify what kind of drugs.

I’m going to assume the “illegal narcotic” was weed.