NY Jets Players Are Using Tinder Dating App During Training Camp


The internet was a game changer for people looking for love and/or sex. Myspace, Twitter or Instagram, all of these social networks have been used to meet a potential boo or wife for the night. A recent Wall Street Journal article details how several New York Jets players have utilized the dating app, Tinder.

At least 11 Jets players admit to being on Tinder – I’m sure the actual number is higher – a dating app for travelers that allows people to link up who are within a 100 mile radius. Some of the reasons the players stated they used the app were because “groupies didn’t interest them,” or just to pass the time away while in training camp.


And of course the guys are going to compare notes, rank the ladies etc. The ones that are probably the most serious about a relationship probably are the ones who don’t put up photos in their jersey. Of the 11 players who admitted to having a profile, six included photos of themselves in Jets gear.

“When I do find somebody, I want it to be real,” said New York Jets right tackle Breno Giacomini, who uses the service.

Most of the Jets players were line men. That makes sense, a football team contains over 50 players, all of which wear helmets. It’s easier for them to be overlooked because women aren’t familiar with their face.


The only thing, the trust factor would immediately be an issue for me. While I understand WHY they might be tempted to lie, it does set up a certain precedence.

Then again, one college student did admit to activating her profile because she knew it was training camp was starting back up.

When proper preparation meets timing.


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