No official child support order exists between Devon Still and Leah’s mother


I know that people don’t like to deal with legal issues. Especially concerning personal situations. But you can’t predict the future. Channing Smythe hired Gloria Allred to pursue child support from Bengals’ DE Devon Still.  Smythe claims Still stopped paying child support in July.

But per TMZ Sports, there was no official order of support. Which means, he’s free to stop paying at anytime.

Devon Still’s baby mama says there’s NO court order requiring the Cincinnati Bengals player to pay child support for their cancer-stricken daughter Leah … but says the two had a “voluntary agreement” which Devon stopped paying in July.

TMZ Sports spoke with Channing Smythe who says the two had worked out an unofficial financial arrangement … but it fell apart over the summer when Devon wanted Channing and Leah to move to Cincinnati to be near him.

Channing tells us Devon is a “wonderful father” to Leah and visits her almost weekly — and takes her to doctor’s appointments whenever he can.

Hiring Gloria Allred usually means you want a lot of attention. She could’ve opted for a less public route.  Maybe she’s a little jealous that she hasn’t been a part of Leah’s story in the press.

Channing reportedly didn’t want to move Leah’s care to a new hospital. She’s also pregnant by someone else.