Nick Young Says Iggy Has To Go Through 12 Steps To Get An Engagement Ring


Nick Young and rapper Iggy Azalea have been together for almost two years. Last year, the two purchased home together. Naturally the next step is marriage, right? Apparently Nick has a 12-step process in order for Iggy to get the ring.

In order for Nick to be certain that Iggy is “the one,” he shared with Flaunt,  that Iggy has made it through at least two steps:

1.) She cooks for him. I ask what, and when he replies that she made a mean pork chop sandwich;

2.) When the bedroom got messy and he got annoyed, he would go to practice and come back to a clean house.

I bet one or two or those steps include being a pop star, and purchasing an old school classic car as a Christmas gift… just kidding.