Nick Young Refusing To Settle In $3 Million “Emotional Distress” Lawsuit


Nick Young wants to ensure his name is clear, and he’s willing to go the distance in a civil trial to prove it. In 2013, a woman accused Nick Young of rape. No charges were filed in the case, after cops investigated and decided her story didn’t add up.

The woman decided to pursue a civil case in 2013, and is suing Young for $3 million. Jane Doe – who was a casual acquaintance of Young’s – claims in 2011, Young dropped a date rape drug in her drink, after the two met in a West Hollywood club. She says he then took her to his house, and vaginally and anally raped her. DNA was not a match to Nick. She is claiming she suffered emotional distress, and loss of earnings.

A hearing is scheduled for later this month.