Nick Young Explains Why Girlfriend Iggy Azalea Intimidates People


Lakers Nick Young recently discussed why he feels his girlfriend, rapper Iggy Azalea is receiving a lot of venom right now, and how he helps her fly above all the haters.

Iggy is doing big things and that is what is scaring people. She is going to brush it off. She won’t let it get to her. She is number one — what can you do? She’s at the top right now, so of course they are going to come at you.

I had to deal with the [BET Awards] aftermath of all that, When she came home and was going through her phones, hearing everybody talking trash about her. I had to be there for her.

When asked how he helps her deal with the negativity, he responded:

We always hang out and try to get her mind off what is going on out there on the news,” he says. We go roller-skating, to theme parks and Six Flags and try to have a good time and do down-to-earth stuff. We have sweats on, hoodies on at Six Flags, just us two, and you will never know (who we are).


Check out some photos and videos from their recent trip to Magic Mountain.

photos via @TheNewClassic, @Bigmeat2000