NFL player & Former NBA player Arrested For Fighting In Miami Club


Things in Miami can get tricky. Add in athletes’ egos, a club on South Beach and that could be a potential recipe for drama. And that’s just what happened when a former NBA player got into it with an NFL player on the weekend before NFL training camp begins.

Former Sacramento King Donte Green and St. Louis Rams LB Jo-Lonn Dunbar had an altercation at Dream that led to both being arrested and Green getting tasered. TMZ Sports has the deets:

Cops say they arrived at Dream nightclub around 5:20 AM Sunday morning — and noticed St. Louis Rams linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar in a “heated verbal altercation” with NBA free agent Donte Greene

According to the report, security was “unable to physically” restrain the men and their respective entourages … and a fistfight ensued. 

Cops say the situation escalated — with “multiple subjects exchanging blows” … and eventually they saw Greene approach Dunbar from behind and punch him in the head and neck with closed fists. 

Cops say they warned Greene to stop but he didn’t — so they broke out the taser and fired two prongs into the 6’11” athlete … connecting with his lower back and his right butt cheek. 

Both were arrested and charged with battery and disorderly conduct. How much do you want to bet that this was somehow related to a woman?