NFL network tells Warren Sapp he’s an analyst not a journalist

Social networking means that information that used to take days or even hours to circulate is now spread in a matter of minutes. Last week as “bounty-gate” punishments were being handed down. Several Twitter rumors were popping up making accusations as to who alerted NFL security to kick off the initial investigation.

Former NFL star and current NFL network analyst Warren Sapp picked up on one rumor that accused former Saint, Jeremey Shockey of being the “snitch.”

Sapp not only tweeted that information, he also said it on air. That’s a pretty serious allegation not to have receipts for. And to say it with confidence on TV!! Apparently Warren’s superiors at NFL network weren’t exactly thrilled by his approach.

We have discussed it with Warren and stressed that he is an analyst and not a reporter for NFL Network,” Quenzel said. “In the future, if he comes across something he thinks is news he will let his producers know and before it is reported or Tweeted, that content will be subject to the same verification procedure that our reporters follow.”

In addition to that, Shockey wants the NFL to take some sort of action against Sapp.