NFL Hall of Famer Lawerence Taylor indicted on Rape charges

NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor was indicted on charges of rape and endangering the welfare of a child, stemming from an alleged sexual rendezvous with a 16-year-old in May.

The indictment includes one count of rape in the third degree, one count of criminal sexual acts in the third degree, two counts of sexual abuse in the third degree, one count of endangering the welfare of a child, and one count of patronizing a prostitute in the third degree.

The victim, a 16 year old run away has indicated that she told LT she was 19. Taylor’s attorney, Arthur Aidala, told reporters after the bail hearing that the former NFL star “is denying and preparing to fight each and every one of those charges.”

Aidala said “no violence, no force, no threat, no weapons” were involved in the case. He noted that the rape charge against Taylor was for consensual sex with a minor, and said Taylor denied it.

Ramapo Town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence and Police Chief Peter Brower told reporters after the incident that the alleged victim was a runaway from New York’s Bronx borough and had been brought to Ramapo by a pimp.

The girl texted an uncle after she returned to New York City the next day, and the uncle notified the New York City police, prompting the arrest of Taylor and the alleged pimp; Taylor was cooperative with authorities.

Trouble followed Taylor through out his 12 years in the NFL but for the last decade plus he worked to change that image. Appearing in films, working as a commentator and most recently a stint on “Dancing With the Stars” last year.

The case brings up several gray areas in the law when it comes to consensual sex with a minor concealing their age. One area that is crystal clear however is that prostitution is illegal. If convicted Taylor could face up to 4 years in jail.