NFL analyst Keyshawn Johnson chased down Justin Bieber’s Ferrari in his Prius


Former NFL star and current analyst Keyshawn Johnson has a beef with his neighbor, pop star Justin Bieber. Justin has been flying through their Calabasas, Ca. gated community in his Ferrari at unsafe speeds. Biebs flew past Keshawn in their on Monday night while his son was in the car. So, Keshawn took his son home and then went to Bieber’s door to have a chat with him about his speed.

Keshawn allegedly  chased Bieber down and blocked his Ferrari in his (Bieber’s) driveway with his eco friendly Prius. Then he hopped out of the car to go talk to him but Justin went inside.  A few of Justin’s other neighbors called the police about his speeding that night. One of Justin’s other NFL neighbors, ex-Ram Eric Dickerson took to Twitter to say he’s seen Justin speeding too.


And to show off his Ferrari…


Seriously?? Was Eric trying to entice throwback groupies or simply being a typical athlete and competing. I call those Mi Tu moments; “You got a Ferrari, ME TOO!!”

Looks like Justin’s whole block wants him to chill.