New Podcast Explores a Professional Football Player Questioning His Sexuality

A new fictional podcast will examine the life of a professional football player who is questioning his sexuality. The series was created by writer and actress Issa Rae, known for her popular YouTube series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.”

“Fruit” gives listeners a first-person, fictional story from the life of “X,” a pro football player going through a crossroad.

In the show, under a blanket of anonymity, X discusses his rise from a third string football player to a star. When a man in a bar sparks attraction, he decides to explore his feelings, which he has repressed in the past. In the show, X discusses his relationships with his friends, family, and teammates as he tries to navigate his own emotions amid everyone else’s ideas about his role in an alpha male-dominated industry. As a larger league-wide scandal unfurls around him, X must decide how to tell his own story – not only for himself, but for others like him.

In episode one, X joins his friend Siya, a junior sports agent, for a rare night out. On this night, X has an encounter that will affect his life and the game.

New episodes of “Fruit” are released on Wednesdays on the Howl premium service. Episodes one and two are available now.