New Laker Coach Mike Brown’s Son Wants To Be Down With The Kardashian Plan [Video]

I’ve been saying for awhile now that the “Kardashian-ation” of sports isn’t going away anytime soon. Need another example? Newly minted Lakers head coach Mike Brown appeared on Lopez Tonight. He went through the expected topics;

  • What other teams were interested in his services (he met with the Rockets and Warriors)
  • How the deal with the Lakers came together (he met with Dr. Buss, Jim Buss and Mitch Kupcheck in L.A. on a Saturday at Dr. Buss’ home for about 2 hours. Mitch dropped him at the airport and by Monday they agreed to a deal in principal)
  • He’s spoken with Kobe and Vanessa over the phone. (he did point out that the first time he called Kobe it was private which is why he thinks Kobe didn’t answer)

My favorite part of the interview was when Mike Brown said his oldest son Elijah, 16 (his younger son is Cameron, 14) was most interested in meeting Lamar Odom. When asked why, Elijah said “Cause that’s my man and that’s my way in to the Kardashian sisters and they have younger sisters.” That’s at 8:15 in the clip if you’re interested.


The Kardashian effect has trickled down to the teenlets. HILARIOUS! I told you it’s a movement.