Nets Sergey Karasev took home 3 strippers in Miami


Miami is a city known for its nightlife and beautiful women. So it should be surprising that an NBA player in town for a game would take advantage of both. Brooklyn Nets’ forward Sergey Karasev had a terrible game Sunday against the Heat, scoring only two point.

Per Page Six, the reason behind his subpar performance was the best sixth man around, “South Beach.” The baller was spotted at the Four Seasons Hotel Miami at 5 a.m. with not one, not two, but THREE curvy strippers.

“They all got out of one car, looking like one big happy family,” says the shocked witness. “They were talking about what a generous tipper he was at the strip club that evening where they met.”

The spy describes the trio of ladies as “hot, busty strippers. They were all Spanish. One was shorter than the rest and had Pamela Anderson-style barbed-wire tattoos and high heels.”

Sounds pretty standard to me. The game won’t be until later that evening. Shoot around is at around 10 AM, then you can chill and take a nap until about 3:30 PM and catch the late bus to the arena…

But, you have to produce on the court in order for this to work.