Nets Joe Johnson asks court to move paternity suit date because of playoffs


The Brooklyn Nets seem to have a potential foe that will knock them out of the playoffs before the first jump ball is called. Nets guard Joe Johnson, like his teammate, Kris Humphries legal obligations are in direct conflict with the playoffs. Kris settled his divorce suit with Kim Kardashian and now Nets Joe Johnson is attempting to reschedule his legal obligation until after the playoffs.

Joe filed suit against Shannon Beckton to establish paternity of their child and share custody. The case was set to be heard in Georgia between April 15th and May 5th. The Nets kick off their playoff dreams today against the Chicago Bulls so Joe dipping out to GA. for a trial might prove to be problematic. Johnson’s lawyers maintain that Joe missing a game would anger the entire team’s passionate fan base.

To get the date moved, Joe explained to the judge he’s a key member of the Nets and “a vital part of that team’s success.”

Joe also argued that his absence violate his contract (worth $126 million) and could seriously “harm” the Nets’ championship dreams — which would mean less cash for him and less cash for his kid.

The judge agreed and postponed the trial.

So there you go.