NBA Rookie of the year, Kyrie Irving as Uncle Drew in Pepsi Max spot [video]

Did you catch the Pepsi Max commercial during game two of the NBA finals? It featured a mystery old man named “Uncle Drew” showing out and taking over a pick up game.

The commercial is 30 seconds of a five minute viral video that features “Uncle Drew” with his “nephew,” Kevin at a court in New Jersey where the premise was that a documentary showcasing Kevin’s skills was being filmed. When one of Kevin’s teammates gets injured during a pick-up game, Kevin asks Uncle Drew to come off the bench to fill in and that’s where the fun starts.

So can you guess what current NBA player it is? (well, it’s not like I didn’t tell you in the title but it sounds nice)

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard and rookie of the year, Kyrie Irving.

Is it me or does Uncle Drew remind you of LeBron’s old man character from “the LeBrons” Nike spot a few years back?