NBA players love Drake; Amir Johnson, Lebron James, Kevin Durant & Brandon Jennings show support [photos]


Tuesday was Drake day on ESPN as Drizzy dropped his new album, “Nothing Was The Same.” Drake appeared on “First Take” and “Highly Questionable” to flex his sports knowledge and promote the released. During Drake’s first stop, we learned that Johnny Manziel got his OVO tattoo before he and Drake ever met:


“He actually got the OVO tattoo before we even met,” Drake said on ESPN’s First take on Tuesday. “He was that much of a supporter and a fan.”

Drake also spoke at length about how much of a great person Manziel is. Contrary to what many others may believe, Drake said he feels he is a positive influence on the 20-year-old Manziel’s life.

“He’s got a pure heart,” Drake said. “He’s very strong-minded. It bothers me when people try to strip him of that, because that’s what drew me to him. I like to be a positive reinforcement in his life. I feel like our friendship will last for a very long time. We’re a duo.

“I encourage him to have stronger discipline. I tell him that in this position we’re in, it takes major sacrifice. I know you want to live your life and I know you want to have fun. There’s also a bigger picture here and I try to implement that into his psyche.”

The two met a few months ago, once again reminding you that there’s no bigger groupie than the athletes/stars themselves.


Drake then headed over to “Highly Questionable” with Dan LeBartard, Papi and Bomani Jones. Papi and Drake rapped “Started from the Bottom” together.


And in continued NBA support of Drake, Toronto Raptors Amir Johnson purchased all the copies of the album for fans in two separate stores.


Amir wasn’t the only NBA player to show support on Instagram, LeBron James and Kevin Durant showed their support. Drake mentioned them during his “First Take” interview.

King-James-supports-Drake Kevin-Durant

Drake’s number 1 NBA supporter, Brandon Jennings also showed his support but he didn’t get a shout out…