NBA offering custom created NBA team stilettos [photos]

Clearly I have a fetish for stilettoed footwear. The NBA has created a “high end” line of footwear for the female fan. While I understand the idea in theory and the “higher end” of the high end isn’t that bad I guess, nobody told them this is a NO.

Listen, NBA team logos on women’s footwear screams  CHEAP and TACKY. It reminds people of swapmeets and jersey dresses. Perhaps the NBA should’ve taken the Nike approach and paired with an existing high end footwear designer to see their take on it. Slapping a logo on a platform heel and Italian sizing does not qualify as fashion.

And the whole rhinestone, bedazzled era was soooo 2000.

Utterly captivating, Limited Edition, authentic HERSTAR™ Custom Crystal Pumps representing the Los Angeles Lakers. Encrusted, dazzling, and intensely mesmerizing with every step, these elite pumps command a presence of their own. Fully hand strassed in luxurious, hand selected Middle Eastern crystals, then offset by a sky-high 6” heel and 3″ internal platform; these glittering heels glisten on the court and off. They are simply magical to behold. Step into these shimmering, sparkling pumps and be ready to light up the games. Also available in Swarovski Crystals. These shoes are CUSTOM made and require 6-8 weeks to produce. Yes, they are absolutely worth the wait.


The shoes range in price from $100 for the suede version to $275 for crystal version. So, what are your thoughts? Yay or nay?

Ladies, keep in mind they take 6 to 8 weeks to produce. If you want to be ready for the start of next season, you better find your team/jock and get to work!