MTV 2’s Carly Aquilino Tells The Story Of Date With Knicks Player Who wouldn’t Feed Her But Farted On Her [Video]


For some ladies, the ultimate dream date would be one involving a professional athlete. Many women follow the wives and girlfriends lives via social media or to stay updated on all the excitement happening in the ladies lives, plus a glimpse at the perks of a wealthy lifestyle with a baller.

Some of these women have dreams of $200 plus dinner dates, partying at exclusive events and more. Recently on the “Brilliant Idiots” podcast with Charlamagne and Andrew Schulz, MTV2’s Carly Aquilino was a guest, and shared a story about an unnamed Knicks player whom she went on a “date” with. Let’s just say that from her description, this date was not the fairytale most women are looking for.


Carly says the KNICKS player, came to the door in sweats and Nike slides. He had no food for her, or plans of going out, and made her watch 3 hours of “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

She said there was a bad snow storm, so she ended up trapped at his apartment, and forced to spend the night due to the weather. Carly alerted the KNICKS player that he wouldn’t see any part of the cookie that night. And that’s when things started to get weird.

She said the guy farted on or near her TWICE, and looked her dead in the face while letting a loud one rip. He then followed that up during the middle of the night, by placing his “toddler arm” sized penis – semi erect – on her thigh and started whispering crazy stuff in her ear- telling her, “I know you like this”- while she pretended to be sleeping.


Although she never said any names, here’s a photo of Carly from October of last year after a certain Knicks player who appeared with her on MTV2’s “Ain’t that America.” This photo is just for illustration purposes. Any guesses on which member of the Knicks the date story might be about?