More Shaq E-mails: Concerns About TMZ And Looking Like Tiger Woods

The e-mail leaks from the Shawn Darling case continue to be the gift that keeps on giving. In this set of e-mails Shaq addresses TMZ allegedly attempting to pay for information from a woman names “Christina” who has some ties to Shaq as well as his legal team’s course of action.

The subject line: “$$$ for Shaq proof of pics and story.”

I received pictures and was advised to contact Christina at this email address and the telephone number [redacted by us] I was told that Christina is the woman with Shaquille O’Neal in these pictures. TMZ is willing to pay you $3,500.00 for your written story & proof that you were involved with Shaquille O’Neal while he resided in Scottsdale, AZ. Please contact me by replying to this email and I will contact you directly via phone and give you details. EricShaq then forwarded the email to his agent, Robert Parrish, and they had the following back-and-forth:

Shaq: Tmz is offering people money, read below

Parrish: We can’t stop them from offering money. Every pic every story is for sale. We will have Dennis [Roach, Shaq’s attorney] send the a letter. We got to be careful we don’t want TMZ reporting that Shaq and his people are trying to start us from reporting “news”. We know its bs but the will use anything to promote their site. They would love to have a “riff” with Shaq. Who is Christina we need to talk to her.Chief and I are having breakfast with you in the morning.

Shaq: They kno the emails are stolen, that’s why they contacting , people. Thet are harassing, those emails are stolen

Parrish: I got a contact now with TMZ I’m talking with

Shaq: The point is we dnt want them do what they r doing to tiger, they got him wit steroids and all dat shit

Parrish: We are working hard on this. Although the stuff is stolen TMZ n the other website marketing themselves as gossip entertainment not credible new reporting ie CNN, I’m with you on this we are going to see how good our contact is

Shaq: Ok but in the meantime o boy needs to b put in jail, we have way to many law enforcement connections to let a criminal try to get over on mine o mine, we dnt need any distraction was we deal with our harvard guy, shoe line guy, retaraunt guy, real estate guy, and everything we are planning to do for the after basketball life. I promised u I would stay outta trouble, I kept my word, but cannot control somebody dtealing and selling emails. Come on now protect me from this. 
I lost my family because of this guy, come on now

Parrish: Got it he will be stopped n pay for this

What I find most interesting, Shaq makes reference to not only his post career plans (he knew in ’09 the end was near) but also that he lost his family behind Darling’s “snitching.” I’m sure there will be more e-mails released as it seems that Darling (or someone in his camp) thought it better to take this court case into the public.

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