Mo & Kita Of “The T.O. Show” Have Strong Feelings About Evelyn Lozada [Video]

I guess all VH1 show cast members don’t support each other. Wednesday night at the Forbes Celebrity 100 event, Mo and Kita of Terrell Owens, The T.O. Show had some strong thoughts on Basketball Wives star, Evelyn Lozada.

For example, why Evelyn is A “Non MF’ing Factor” and how she sets a poor example as a mother. I think the exact term used was “walking yeast infection” YIKES!


Hmmmm guessing they didn’t have a friendly run in during football season last year. Hope they aren’t planning on attending the Essence festival this year, Evelyn is one of the speakers on a panel about “Transforming your community”.

Yes, I’m telling the truth.