Mixed Bag: Randy Moss, Brett Favre, NBA & NFL Lockouts news

A quick look at some of the top sports’ stories for the week.

Unless you’ve been under a rock or are anti-football, You know that Randy Moss was traded from the Patriots back to the team that originally drafted him, The Vikings. Details  HERE

  • Former major leaguer Roberto Alomar is facing a divorce court lawsuit from his wife, Maria Del Pilar, who is accusing her estranged husband of knowingly exposing her to the HIV virus. WHOA HERE
  • If you had to take a guess which sport is more than likely to have a work stoppage in the upcoming season, would you say NFL or the NBA. My selection would be the NFL for the reasons expressed HERE

  • And lastly, it’s been the week of the “undersized giants”.  *Jokes* However, this story & photo are about the alleged activities of a very Married Brett Favre pursuing former Jets reporter Jenn Sterger and sending her “flicks”. If it is Brett, at least he was smart enough not to include his face. 🙂 HERE