Mistress Of Former NFL Player Kidnaps Wife In Murder-Suicide


Buster Barnett spent four seasons in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills in the early 80’s. You’re hearing his name in 2015 because this week, his mistress kidnapped and murdered his wife before committing suicide.

49-year-old Lisa Brown – the mistress of Buster Barnett – kidnapped the wife of Barnett, 58-year-old special needs teacher Sandra Barnett, Wednesday after discovering the couple was planning a trip together.

The tragedy began to unfold after Brown turned up at Buster Barnett’s job. Barnett told officers Brown was angry that she hadn’t been informed he was planning a vacation with his wife. She left his job and headed to the Barnett home.

Sandra Barnett was on the phone with a friend when Brown showed up with a gun, per police. The friend could hear what sounded like a struggle and then couldn’t reach Barnett on the phone. She then called a male friend to check on Barnett. That friend saw Barnett and Brown in front of the home arguing near a black SUV. Brown was driving the vehicle that was owned by the former tight end.

Brown was spotted Thursday by law enforcement officers who immediately began pursuit. Brown went over Georgia state lines into Alabama. While on Interstate 20, Brown stopped the car in the middle of the highway. She shot Barnett and then turned the gun on herself.

Not only was Brown’s car in Buster’s name, her Lithonia, GA home was as well. It is believed the two had been involved for the last three to four years.