Miss Alabama Katherine Webb has Twitter going nuts including Darnell Dockett & LeBron James


During the BCS Championship game on Monday night between Alabama and Notre Dame, the internet was going nuts. Not because of what was happening on the field, it was about the beauty queen in the stands.

A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend, Miss Alabama Katherine Webb, got everyone’s attention after being shown on camera.  Announcers Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit couldn’t stop talking about how attractive she is and even at one point gushing how quarterbacks get all the pretty ladies.


But Twitter is where the true funnies took place. Per numbers guru Darren Rovel, Katherine had about 560 followers a few days ago and a couple of thousand on Monday. After being shown during the broadcast, that number skyrocketed to up over 100K.

Two of her new fans/follows, Cardinals Darnell Dockett and LeBron James. While Darnell took the straight up approach in his bid, injecting a little humor into it- he pretended to DM his number to her and invited her to “Wingstop” and “King of Diamonds” strip club. LeBron just quietly hit that follow button.


I guess things got to hot and LeBron forgot Twitter is not the place for stealth movements. When people started bringing attention to the fact that he hit that follow button, he hit unfollow just as quickly.



Lucky for you, I’m quick on the draw and I have all the foolishness for you. Also, AJ got in on the fun, responding to Dockett’s tweets.



McCarron was a good sport about everything though, he told reporters he wasn’t upset about the sudden attention being paid to Webb.

“I’m not the jealous type. I know she’s good looking. … I’m the one who’s blessed,” he said, according to SI.com’s Andy Staples.

As for the whole LeBron following thing?

“Seriously? I’m going to Tweet him and I’m going to get a follow. That’s messed up,” he said, according to Clay Travis of the blog Outkick the Coverage. Travis wrote that McCarron said it with a laugh.

video via CJ Zero