Mike Tyson one-man show headed to Las Vegas

So this is kind of interesting in a weird sort of way. Mike Tyson is getting his own one-man show on the Las Vegas strip. Check out the details:

Boxing legend Mike Tyson confirmed today rumors posted here at Vegas DeLuxe that he will star in his own live, one-man reality “confessions” show on the Strip. I’m reliably told that his controversial life story will be told with video and photo flashbacks as he adds commentary and confessions. The theater should be officially announced this week, with tickets going on sale for the March debut of “Tyson: the Raw Truth.”

“It will be raw. Nothing will be held back. He’s not going to shrink from the problems he’s faced and the battles he’s fought professionally and personally. It will be unfiltered, and he’ll tell it like it is,” one of Mike’s pals confirmed. “The project has the full blessing of his wife Lakiha and their family.”

In my mind, this sounds like the Tyson documentary that was released a few years ago. Side, that was an EXCELLENT documentary, but anyway. It sounds as if he’ll be attempting to recreate that magic on stage. It can either turn out genius, or super corny! Think about Charlie Sheen and his “winning” one man show.
Clearly this will be more structured. But you get where I’m going with this, right? I guess we’ll have to wait for the reviews. If anyone has an opportunity to check out, please be sure and share your thoughts!