Mike and Maurice Pouncey won’t be charged from Cameo nightclub incident


Twin brothers, Dolphins’ Mike Pouncey and Steelers’ Maurkice Pouncey, won’t face charges stemming from an altercation last summer in a South Beach night club.

Three people claimed the Pounceys attacked them during a birthday celebration for the twins at Cameo nightclub. The incident blew up because one of the alleged victims posted the aftermath to Twitter and Instagram

The State Attorney’s office declined to file charges in part because there were so many versions of the incident “that raised serious and unresolved proof and credibility issues.”

The club provided video to the State Attorney but the report said the club was so crowded that individuals, including the alleged victims, could not be identified.

The report said it was unclear whether the injuries sustained by the alleged victims were the result of a fight or shoving and pushing from a crowd that was too large to be in such a small space at the club.

The criminal issue might be resolved but a civil suit is reportedly still in the works.