Michael Vick’s admits there was a time when he was more focused on dogs than his playbook

Michael Vick’s new book “Finally Free” hits stores on September 4th. Vick has started a mini promo tour for the book and USA Today was provided a few excerpts of the extremely candid thoughts on his mind state while he was with the Falcons and involved in dog fighting activities.

“Back when I was involved in those activities, I may have become more dedicated to the deep study of dogs than I was to my (Atlanta) Falcons playbook, I became better at reading dogs than reading defenses.

“That’s just so sad to say right now, because I put more time and effort into trying to master that pursuit than my own profession … which was my livelihood … which put food on the table for my family.”

I continue to appreciate Vick’s candor on the topic. He’s absolutely taken the adult approach in admitting to his role and expressing regret. He also spoke about lying to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and what it was like going from “#7” to prisoner # 33765-183

Lying to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell: ”I knew how to lie with a straight face. Sad to say, Commissioner Goodell bought into what I was saying, and I think he truly believed me that I was telling the truth. I deeply regret not telling him the truth from the outset.

“It was a very nervous time for me. I knew I was going to try to lie my way through the whole dogfighting case and see if money, good lawyers, and manipulating the system could get me out of the position I was in—which was a terrible position.”

Being a prisoner: ”I was no longer No. 7, the football player. I was inmate No. 33765-183, and I couldn’t change that, regardless of the fact that this number definitely didn’t fit me. I had that number on every day. I had to write it on each piece of mail that I sent out. It will forever be embedded in my brain.”

Unfortunately for some, this story will simply provide more fuel to continue to hate Michael Vick isn’t of applauding a man who admits his mistakes and is diligent in showing that he’s grown from them. Don’t believe me, check any post about Michael Vick on this site and read the comments.