Michael Jordan wedding invites include a no cellphone warning


In this age of Cell phone paparazzi, Michael Jordan and his fianceé, Yvette Prieto sent out instructions with their wedding invites. Guests will have to leave their cell phones and cameras at home – or in the car. They’ve also been instructed not to speak to the press… or share details with their cousin, who then in turn goes and speaks to the media. Check the details:

The Jordan-Prieto invitation for their April 27 black-tie celebration in Palm Beach, Fla., also included an instruction card telling guests not to share any details, plus a request not to talk to the press — or family members or friends, who just might blab to the media.

Guests also were told to leave at home all cameras and cellphones, lest they be used for taking photos.

Obviously photos and details on the ceremony will be in high demand. Interesting to see how it all works out and if the guests will have to sign a waiver to enter the ceremony. Don’t smirk. I’ve been to parties at a Hollywood directors home that not only required you to sign a waiver agreeing not to Tweet, Facebook or Instagram about the activities, you were required to take a photo and let them make a copy of your driver’s license to enter.

Jordan and Prieto reportedly met in 2008 in Miami. Yvette once dated Julio Iglesias Jr.