Michael Jordan looking to sell the Charlotte Bobcats if team doesn’t turnaround?

Does Michael Jordan have plans to sell the Bobcats should he not be able to put a comptetive product on the floor and turn a profit? That’s what recent reports are saying. The New York Daily news is reporting that Jordan has directed Bobcats GM Richard Cho to start prepping a rebuilding plan and if things don’t start to change in the next 3 to 4 years, Jordan will look to sell the team.

Of course Jordan has come out to deny this report but let’s examine this from a business perspective. The Charlotte Bobcats claimed losses of $20 million last season and are headed for more this year. Previous owner Bob Johnson also had a hard time sustaining the franchise in Charlotte and the Hornets started out successfully but left because the city wouldn’t fund a new arena. Well, there’s a new arena now with a legend at the helm. There was a decent run a few seasons ago but mostly, there’s been nothing.

What we do know is that Michael Jordan as a basketball executive hasn’t been pretty. Remember the mess he left the Wizards in. Remember the fact that he selected Kwame Brown with the first pick of the XXXX draft. Then proceeded to tear him down instead of developing him…

His executive selection hasn’t been the greatest either but, he now has former Thunder assistant GM Cho in the fold and again, if you believe the initial report, he’s told Cho that he wants him to follow the “Thunder” model to build the team up.

One way or another, something has to change. Remember, Jordan was one of the owners willing to lose the season during the lockout. Even with the denials from his end, it’s still got to be a thought he’s bouncing around in his head. Plus, the report said 3 or 4 years down the line. That falls in line with building a contender and if that fails tapping out after a 5 year try.

Just my thoughts.