Michael Jordan celebrates Scottie Pippen’s 47th birthday at party in Chicago [photos]

Basketball uber God, Michael Jordan was spotted with his former Bulls wingman, Scottie Pippen at Sunda for Pip’s 47th birthday shindig on Monday. Planned by Scottie’s wife Larsa, guest included; Bulls team president Michael Reinsdorf, Jordan’s fiancee, Yvette, former NBA player Antoine Walker, new Bulls player Nazr Mohammed, “World Wide Wes” and Ahmad Rashad to name a few. The most interesting note of the night,an alleged dance battle between Jordan and Pippen to the Trey Songz and Fabolous “Say Ahh.”


Really, I DO NOT believe that one. I’d have to see. Who has the iPhone footage? Somebody has to! Random yet related, Is it just me or do Mike and Scottie’s significant others look like they could be sisters.


Spotted at The New York Post