Miami Heat wives & girlfriends bond over yoga [photos]


L to R – Lewis, Battier, Jones, Union, Bosh, Rein, Miller, Brinson, Howard, Kamala


Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. The benefits of Yoga are many; greater health, improved mental state, a better sex life and a lower instance of depression are just some of the perks that are attributed to hitting your downward dog or warrior asanas on the regular.

The wives and significant others have recently begun practicing as a unit. Holding classes on the beach and in the homes of some of the wifeys. Adrienne Bosh, Gabrielle Union, Savannah Brinson, Faith Rein, Giovanni Lewis (Rashard Lewis wife,)  Destiny Jones (James Jones wife,) Heidi Battier (wife of Shane Battier,) Jennifer Miller (Mike Miller’s wife,) and Jenine Howard all participate each week. Led by Miami area instructor Ingrid Kamala, the ladies are working on stronger bodies and healthier minds.


Currently more than 11 million Americans are embracing yoga. My personal favorite, yoga on the beach. Extra relaxing!


photos via Instagram