Miami Heat forward Chris “Birdman” Andersen victim of elaborate catfishing scheme


Chris “Birdman” Andersen almost lost his NBA career after allegations of a relationship with an underage girl from California caused police to raid his Denver home. Not only was Andersen cleared of any wrong doing, but it was discovered that Birdman was actually the victim of an elaborate catfish scheme.

A woman living in rural Manitoba posed as both Andersen and a California woman, duping both into believing they were speaking to each other via “electronic exchanges.”

police told Andersen, she made threats pretending to be Andersen and attempted extortion pretending to be the woman from California. Chartier was arrested by Canadian authorities in January.

Her communications between the parties were successful enough that the woman from California traveled to Colorado, when Andersen was then playing for the Denver Nuggets, and met Andersen. Their relationship, however, did not develop. At the time of their meeting, the woman from California was of legal age, Bryant said.

“When they searched Chris’ house they were basically looking for an I.P. address,” Bryant said. “But it wasn’t there. They kept investigating but it took time because it ended up involving two countries.”

Andersen was never arrested but the Nuggets released him. He went on to sign a ten-day contract with the Miami Heat in January that eventually led to an NBA championship.

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