Miami Dolphins player defends girlfriend posting breast feeding selfie [photo]


Instagram brings out the attention whore in a lot of people. But one NFL player wants you to know that his girlfriend/baby’s mama isn’t that, she’s just a model who thinks showing off life’s natural beauty of breast feeding in a fake candid photo is a special moment she wanted to share.


“Was on the way out the door but then mommy duty called… Everything stops for him! #breastisbest #natureisbeautiful.”

Dolphins Philip Wheeler didn’t appreciate Twitter and IG popping off at his lady love, model Ashley Nicole, after she posted the of her breast feeding their son.

“I wish everybody would just leave it alone” … adding, “She’s a model. She takes pictures for a living.”

Wheeler pointed out that Gisele posted a breast-feeding pic back in December — and was widely praised for it — and doesn’t understand why his GF isn’t getting the same love.



Whatever floats your boat I suppose. She looked flawless.