Method Man Explains Why His Hip-Hop Input Wasn’t Needed For “On The Come Up”

On the Come Up is the Paramount plus film based on Angie Thomas’ book of the same name. The film follows 16-year-old Bri (newcomer Jamila C. Gray), who wants to be one of the best rappers of all time. But with eviction notices looming and a mother to support, she doesn’t just want to be good — she has to be.

“On the Come Up” is the directorial debut of Emmy-nominated actor Sanaa Lathan. The film also stars Clifford “Method Man” Smith and Da’Vine Joy as Aunt Pooh.

Method Man’s acting resume is deep. With over 20 years in Hollywood, his most recent roles have been in TV shows like  the hit STARZ crime drama “Power Book II: Ghost” and “Godfather of Harlem.” Meth’s roots are in hip-hop, debuting in the ’90s with the pioneering Wu-Tang Clan.

In the film, Meth portrays a music manager named “Supreme.” I spoke with him during the AAFCA Roundtable series about what tips he provided to the young actors portraying rappers in the film. Spoiler alert, he said nothing. Instead, he explained his reason why.

Well, honestly, I got there a little later than everybody else. And these kids are, they’re trained, so they’re good. They’re damn good in this film. So as far as advice and things of that nature, no, I didn’t have to give any advice; I think they were already equipped, or else they wouldn’t have gotten the job. As far as hip-hop goes, they didn’t need my input. I was there to give it, but they didn’t need it, because we had the great Rhapsody there. And she kind of whipped everybody into shape. So it was great to sit down and observe the growth as far as Jamila. Where she went with her cadence and flow and how she pretty much adapted to it so quickly.

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