Mavs guard Delonte West was homeless at the start of the NBA season

It’s easy to crack jokes about Delonte West. He’s a “different” type of guy. But once you get beyond the surface stuff, you find a man that has been through a lot and in his NBA career including being homeless at the start of this NBA season.

West has made more than $14 million in his career, but during the lockout he sold  his cars, jewelry, and was living in the Mavericks locker room. The guard has a criminal record and was unable to find an apartment that would rent to him.

During training camp, the Mavericks were allowed to get West a hotel room, but once the season started, they had to stop because that’s considered an added benefit. West said he tried to rent but a lot of places wouldn’t take him because he has a criminal record (he was arrested near his Maryland home in 2009 for having a variety of weapons in his vehicle and some driving violations). West had a place to stay when the Mavs traveled, but when in Dallas he slept in the locker room or in his car

So last summer as we giggled about him taking that job at the furniture store, it was real. He needed the money. West said a nasty divorce and legal fees ate up the bulk of his NBA earnings. We always pay attention to the gliz and glam. I sincerely hope that the reality of poor decisions sinks in as well. When Mavs owner Mark Cuban discovered what was happening, he made a phone call and Delonte now has a place to call home in Dallas.

It can happen to anyone. Even a man who is actively playing in the NBA.