Mavericks Star Jason Terry Heading To Reality TV with Wife, Kids & His “Pimp Dad”

With no signs of the NBA lockout letting up anytime soon (It’s only July, I’ll start feeling waves of panic in about September) of course more athletes are jumping on the reality show train. Another member of the championship Dallas Mavericks team is making plans to head to the small screen with his family.

Mavs point guard, Jason Terry has a reality show in development titled “Homecourt Advantage” . The show’s premise:

Set in the glitzy world of NBA basketball star Jason Terry, this is a comical, never before-seen look at his off-court life with high school sweetheart wife, four young daughters, crazy mom and pimp dad.

His, “pimp dad”??? Are we speaking of a literal pimp as in, “I got a main, a mistress and a bottom B***h” type thing??

I don’t think I’m ready for this show. But knowing me, I’ll take a peek.